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Superior Supplement Manufacturing is a company that makes nutritional supplements to order. They have a menu of hundreds of vitamins and herbal supplements, including natural and organic products. They combine the ingredients according to a client’s formula, or according to a recipe recommended by their own nutritional consultants, and then package the product as a pill, capsule, powder, liquid or soft gel. They offer supplements that target a wide variety of needs, such as bone and joint health, sports nutrition, immune health, anti-oxidants, weight loss, detox, and children’s health.


Children’s health is more than just a business interest for Superior Manufacturing, however. Many children in the U.S. and around the world are malnourished or at risk for malnutrition. These are children whose families do not have easy access to a variety of fresh foods and who lack secure health care. Often children come into the world malnourished due to their mother’s poor diet and health. While prenatal vitamins are widely used among the middle and upper classes, their cost may make them out of reach for others. Superior is making a big contribution to the efforts of one non-profit agency that seeks to remedy this problem

Vitamin Angels is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing vitamin supplements to pregnant women and young children around the world who suffer from or are at risk for malnutrition. They provide prenatal vitamins that contain nutrients that are crucial to brain development and health to pregnant women who could not otherwise afford them. They also provide nutritional counseling and encouragement for breastfeeding. When children are born, Vitamin Angels provides ongoing support for the first few years of life, when nutrition has the biggest impact on a child’s development. This support includes a children’s multivitamin, anti-parasitics, and a twice yearly dose of vitamin A.

Vitamin A deficiency is the most common nutrient deficiency all over the world, and the consequences of it are serious. Foods that are rich in vitamin A may be expensive or hard to find. It may be that a family needs to sell the nutritious food they grow at home in order to survive. A vitamin A deficiency in early childhood can lead to blindness, infections, and death.

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